International experience
Marzodd is born from the observation of people’s needs and the international experience of its founder. After years around the world Donato Mottola returns to Nuts with a clear idea: to bring the excellence of Puglia to all those who, like him, are far away, for a short time or for a lifetime. To achieve this, he combines the love for Puglian flavors and scents with the industrial competence and the attitude to innovation that are his own.
Factory of Excellence
Marzodd presents itself as a factory of excellence. The company selects the best raw materials, oversees all production steps, bottles and distributes wines and extra virgin olive oil in luxury packages on international markets. Choosing excellence means meeting the needs of all those who are not satisfied with what nature creates, but who want more and more in terms of quality, flavor, well-being and innovation.
  • Search
It’s the beginning of everything. With each harvest we travel Puglia far and wide, visiting every vineyard and every olive grove in search of the best grapes and olives.
  • Selection

The work of selection and actual production. Alongside expert winemakers and the most modern mills, Marzodd oversees the production of wines and oils from the first to the last moment.

  • Packaging
The eye also wants its part and usually receives it before the nose and mouth. The Marzodd design is made up of clean and elegant lines, which turn food products into valuable gifts.

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