Our website provides different and absolutely safe payment methods.



All transactions are controlled and managed by Stripe.

During the checkout process you can select the option to pay by credit card, then you only have to enter the required information.

Accepted credit cards are: Visa, Mastercard.

If the card provides for it, for secure 3D authentication you will be temporarily redirected to the page where you enter the verification code.

PostePAY payments and all rechargeable cards operating within the VISA ELECTRON circuit are also accepted.

Please note that, thanks to Stripe’s security certificate, Marzodd Collection does not display its customers’ credit card details in any way, nor will it be saved on our website.

Marzodd Collection reserves the right to request additional information from the customer or send copies of documents proving the ownership of the card used. If the customer does not provide this information, Marzodd Collection reserves the right not to accept the purchase order.



Paypal is another absolutely secure online payment method that will allow you to make the payment of the order by accessing your account directly.

The data will be managed directly by Paypal.

We accept all major credit cards and prepaid cards registered to the PayPal circuit. Your account and credit card information will never be visible in Marzodd Collection, but will be managed directly by PayPal, which will simply provide us with an email communication after the payment has been made.


If the order is cancelled (both by the customer and by Marzodd Collection) the amount will be re-credited to your PayPal account.

Marzodd Collection will not be liable for delays or damage caused during the refund.

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