Marzodd selects and bottles only the best oils. Extra virgin olive oil is obtained exclusively from high quality Apulian olive varieties that are harvested at the right moment of ripeness and processed with cold extraction methods.

Extra Virgin Olive Oil Intense Fruit   It has a green yellow color and has an intense fruity scent, bitter and spicy notes. On the palate it is revealed with notes of artichoke, almond and tomato. It’s perfect for giving a touch of the dishes with a strong flavor such as grilled vegetables, porcini mushrooms,

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Extra Virgin Olive Oil Delicate Fruit Intense golden yellow with greenish reflections, clear. The nose is wide and enveloping, with hints of celery, lettuce and fresh broad beans, enriched with balsamic notes of basil, mint and sage. To taste is fine and complex, with tomato tones of medium maturity, white apple, banana and final memory

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Extra Virgin Olive Medium Olive Oil Versatile, medium-intensity taste with numerous olfactory notes of vegetables and herbs, at the tasting wraps for high fluidity and slightly spicy notes. Its balanced taste allows to enhance the classic bruschetta with tomato but also roasted fish, baked meats, salads and soups. Hill, medium dough Puglia Continuous-cycle cold...

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